Waterman Ink Cartridge Box 1*6 Purple

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Waterman Ink Cartridge Box 1*6 Green

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Waterman Converter Piston

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Cross 8780 Swithit Pencil Refill

    • This unique converter allows you to switch your Cross ballpoint pen into a mechanical pencil instantly. Thee 0.7mm pencil leads and two yellow erasers are included with the converter.This converter is suitable for use with the Apogee, ATX, Century II, Classic Century and Townsend ballpoints.Product Details:
      • Writing System: Mechanical pencil refill for ballpoint pen.
      • Pencil Lead Size: 0.7mm.
      • Suitable For: Apogee, ATX, Century II, Classic Century and Townsend ballpoints.

Cross 8756 Screw in Style Converter

This converter is not compatible with Townsend or Classic Century pens.

  • This Converter is compatible with the following collections:
    • Century II
    • ATX
    • Peerless 125
    • Botanica
    • Bailey
    • Beverly
    • C-Series
    • Affinity
    • Apogee
    • Verve
    • Sauvage
    • Sentiment
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Cross 8751 Push in Style Converter

  • Compatible with the following Cross fountain pens: classic Century, 21st Century, Townsend, Calais, Aventura, Coventry, and solo
  • Enables the use of bottled ink in place of fountain pen ink cartridges
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Sheaffer Converter Piston

  • Compatible with the following Sheaffer fountain pens: Prelude, Sagaris, Intensity, Gift Collection 300, and Gift Collection 100
  • Enables the use of bottled ink in place of fountain pen ink cartridges
  • For use with authentic Sheaffer Bottled Ink
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Parker Converter Piston


  • Used to draw ink from bottles to refill your fountain pen or to clean old ink out
  • Parker quink inks are specially designed and formulated to the most exacting standards to ensure that parker products deliver faultless performance
  • Smooth twist-action draws ink quickly and cleanly from the bottle
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